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Apollo Carpets saved us ...

... hundreds of pounds. After bringing the stair-carpet back to pristine condition, the Apollo Carpets man showed us that even the living-room carpet could be restored. We were going to replace it because it was badly marked, especially around the fireplace. Now we have all brightness of a new carpet at the fraction of cost.

Jonathan and Michele Sussams, Lewe.

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Handy hints for tackling stains  

1. Act quickly – the longer you leave a stain, the harder it is to remove.
2. Get as much of the spillage up as you can. Scrape solids off with a spoon or blunt knife. Blot up as much of the liquid as you possibly can.
3. Plain white kitchen towels are the most absorbent and efficient way to blot up liquids, especially from carpets. Press down on the towel with your foot and repeat as many times as you have to until a fresh towel comes up dry.
4. Always work from the outer edge of a stain towards the centre.
5. Never soak the stain. Gently blot it with warm water from the kettle, as tap water can leave a mark. Beware of putting water on upholstery as it can leave a watermark.
6. Always use clean white cloths or plain kitchen towels, to avoid making matters worse with a dye that runs.
7. Dab rather than scrub or rub hard as you can permanently damage your carpet or upholstery.
8. Don’t use foam based stain removers as they leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt.
9. Call Apollo! Our expertise, training and high quality equipment is the best remedy you have for tackling stains. And if you’ve followed all the other handy hints on this page there’s an excellent chance that your carpets and upholstery will end up looking as good as new.