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Before Phil and ...

... his team came to clean my carpets they were black and ruined. I was thinking about getting new carpets and ripping the old ones  out, but I contacted Phil to have one last attempt at trying to rescue my carpets rather than forking out for new one. When they finished it was like looking at a brand new carpet. All stains has gone and it was the cream colour it should have been when I first bought it. I now make this a regular must do so that my carpets do not get ruined too quickly and they will last the length of timer they should do.

Nicola Grace, The Gattons, Burgess Hill.

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How it works
How we get your carpets super-clean. At Apollo we employ a thorough nine stage cleaning process to make sure your carpets are left spotlessly clean and mite free. (If you were to ask other cleaning companies, you’d find that most only offer a less effective stage six process.)
Stage 1: Inspection – our experienced technicians carefully assess your carpets in terms of age, type of fibre and degree of soiling to determine which cleaning methods will give you the best result.
Stage 2: Vacuum – before we start we use a powerful vacuum to suck up surface dirt.
Stage 3: Pre-spot – before the main cleaning process we apply specialised stain removers where necessary.
Stage 4: Pre-spray – we then spray the entire carpet with a special spray to help loosen ground-in dirt, grime and chemicals.
Stage 5: Agitation – the carpet is then agitated by our truck-mounted cleaning system to help release even the oldest and most stubborn stains.
Stage 6: Extraction – our powerful system then extracts all the dirt and contaminants back into the truck, through hundreds of feet of tubing.
Stage 7: Fibre rinse – the next stage is to deep rinse the fibres with clean solution to help deodorise and recondition your carpets.
Stage 8: Protection – we then spray the carpet with a special protector to help prevent the build of dirt and contaminants.
Stage 9: Grooming – finally the carpet is groomed to re-lay the fibres in the correct position and to aid speedy drying times.