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Before Phil and ...

... his team came to clean my carpets they were black and ruined. I was thinking about getting new carpets and ripping the old ones  out, but I contacted Phil to have one last attempt at trying to rescue my carpets rather than forking out for new one. When they finished it was like looking at a brand new carpet. All stains has gone and it was the cream colour it should have been when I first bought it. I now make this a regular must do so that my carpets do not get ruined too quickly and they will last the length of timer they should do.

Nicola Grace, The Gattons, Burgess Hill.

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How we can help you keep your home clean and healthy No matter how careful you are about keeping your house spic and span, there are certain jobs that need a professional touch. Apollo offers you a range of guaranteed home cleaning services, to make sure the job is always done thoroughly and well.
Carpet cleaning We use a truck mounted, hot water extraction system which is widely acknowledged as the most powerful carpet cleaning method in the world. This system:  

  • cleans deeper than any other available method
  • is the only way to destroy bacteria and dust mites
  • dries faster than any other known method
  • is environmentally friendly
  • leaves your carpets residue-free and in a PH neutral state so they don’t attract dirt
Upholstery cleaning Our experienced technicians will carefully examine your upholstery and assess it according to the type of material and the degree of soiling. We will then use the best cleaning method to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned without being harmed in any way.
Free Home Health Surveys We are happy to visit your home by appointment and provide you with a free Home Health Survey to highlight potential problem areas and provide suggestions of ways to tackle them. Click here to find out more.
Oriental rugs Your most precious rugs are in safe hands with Apollo. Our technicians, trained by certified restorers, have the specialist knowledge needed to give your rugs the expert care they require. We are the only firm in Sussex that can remove even the largest rugs from your home for specialist treatment off-site, then return them to you safe and sound.