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... hundreds of pounds. After bringing the staircarpet back to pristine condition Phil showed me that even the living room carpet could be restored; it was was badly marked in parts, especially near the op fireplace. Now I have all the brightness of a new carpet but at a fraction of the cost. I was very impressed with the whole service."


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Freshers' Ball

One of the most recent jobs to emphasise the quality of our truck mounted carpet cleaning system was when we were asked to extraction clean the carpet to the Hewison Hall at the Brighton Centre following the Freshers' Ball Night.

With the room size at over 600 square metres and the carpet being 100% wool woven, great care was required when cleaning to ensure no shrinkage occurred to any of the seams. During the cleaning process we came across various areas where it seemed that a few of the freshers had overindulged!!!

We made sure that the Hewison Hall was revived and ready for the Labour Conference.